Dos and Don’ts of Document Shredding

One of the best ways to destroy private information that you do not want anyone else to see is shredding. You don’t want anyone to get their hands on your private information; for instance having meeting minutes recorded on a paper about whether you will be lowering your business costs or increasing its revenue because such information is always confidential. Moreover, it helps avoid any data breaches. Apparently, it seems like a simple task with zero complexities. Most people do not realize what they can and cannot shred. Here are the essential dos and don’t s of document shredding.

Do’s of Document Shredding

It might seem easy to just shred every unneeded document in the office, but a lot of time is wasted in removing paper clips and staples. Moreover, you have to shred one document at a time which is quite time consuming. Here are some documents shredding tips to make the process smooth.

Use Document Destruction Service that Recycles

In order to completely ensure safety and privacy, you must go for professional document destruction service. Your confidential documents will be destroyed completely in commercial shredders. You will be issued with a certificate of destruction. The professionals will also assure that your sensitive data remains completely secured and unseen.

It is best to go with the professionals that recycle the paper. This is because the shredded paper can be reconstructed partially and expose its content. That is why always go with the service that recycles quickly. Your shredded document will be used to make other products or paper.  It will also save thousands of trees.

Use the Best Device

If you do not want to opt for professional services, then make sure that the device that you are using works well. This is because you are trusting it with your confidential information which you do not want to get leaked. Hence, choose APS solutions for best office supplies and furniture including top quality document shredder.

Make Sure it’s Only Paper

It is important to ensure that the documents that you are shredding contain only papers. Small bits of plastics can be shredded easily but make sure that there are no thick cardboard folders or metal bindings. Your goal should be to get the paper recycled to completely destroy the information. If it contains more cardboard or plastic, then recycling could get difficult.

Don’ts of Document Shredding

Shredding might seem like a good option to get rid of unwanted or confidential information. However, it is important to keep in mind that once it is shredded, there is no going back.

Double Check

Double checking is the most important step that people would often ignore. Don’t just throw a huge stack of papers in the document shredder just because you think you don’t need it anymore. Always check every single detail before throwing the paper into the shredder.

Don’t Use With Lose Clothing

An important safety tip to keep in mind before shredding a document is to not use the device if you are wearing loose clothing or hanging jewelry. It is also not recommended if you have long hair. This is because there are possibilities of getting your hair or clothing stuck in the shredder.

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