Industry sectors where the company share prices are going up during the pandemic

The recession that was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic was so fast and all-consuming that almost every company was caught completely off-guard. The recession has been fast but there are still bright moments on the markets as some industries have taken the opportunity to develop their share price during the pandemic. Comfort foods and the medical research sector are just two of the stock market areas that are growing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that has cost more than 30 million jobs across the U.S. alone.

Biotech and Medical Research

There are many different areas of the biotechnology and medical research sector, but most of those who have been involved in the search for a vaccine for COVID-19 have seen their share prices rise. As soon as the pandemic began to be publicized some investors looked to the biotech and medical research sector as a safe bet for growth, but even in these areas, there needs to be a sense of caution taking hold. In general, the best options for growth are those established companies that will be able to sustain the vast investments made into them in the future. Avoiding startups and smaller companies is a good idea for most investors because these will struggle to maintain their growth after the pandemic ends and risk the development of a biotech bubble.

Teleconferencing Companies

The decision to place the majority of the U.S. and the world in lockdown to try and contain the spread of COVID-19 has seen a change in all areas of life. The first change being school, business, and family meetings could no longer be completed in person, meaning the development of teleconferencing apps is key to maintaining everyday life. Google has been one of the first companies to react to the pandemic by allowing employees to work from home until, at least the summer of 2021. The use of teleconferencing technology has become important to most companies and schools as the only way to continue face-to-face interactions.

Long-Term Investments

Often referred to as safe havens, these are the companies that are known to consistently trade to a high level. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of these companies have risen to close to their record high levels of performance. The need for comfort foods, such as Campbell’s soups and other companies trading in similar sectors has seen these become the go-to options for most investors.

Video Game Publishing

Investors need to move with the times and make sure they have their bases covered as far as technology is concerned. Video game publishers have seen a rise in the use of their products because of the periods of self-isolation and lockdown guidelines that have pushed players to play more online games to fill the extra time they are spending at home.

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