Best Value Credit Cards Revealed for 2019

A credit card can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on your shopping habits and the values of the card. There are many options available in Australia for people who wish to increase their purchasing power by buying on credit. Owning a credit card can make your life very easy and help you make payments on the spot very convenient. There are countless options in the market with varying terms and conditions. The customers can choose whatever fits their monetary needs. The payback and interest terms all vary, depending on the brand of the credit card.

There are many lending institutions that allow their clients to take out credit cards with an interest rate as low as 9.78% on average. This is a lot lower than the market average. Clients usually want to go for a low rate, low fare, and high credit limits etc, credit cards. It makes the payments easier for them. Here is a list of the best value credit cards of 2019. These credit cards are both low rate, and low fee:

  1. American Express: American Express is a name customers can trust blindly. American Express has made it their mission to make the financial transactions of its customers as easy as possible. An American Express card is globally accepted and has countless perks and benefits. It has a low rate, low fee credit card that is acceptable worldwide. It is one of the most useful and best valued credit card of 2019.
  2. Bank Australia: Bank Australia has its own brilliant low rate, low fee credit card to offer. It is a customer-owned bank and has a plethora of financial products and services. Its annual fees are $0 per annum and is accepted widely. It has a visa card and another low rate card, the rate of which is as low as $9.39.
  3. Bank First: Bank first has 3 personal rewards credit card options. It is one of the best value credit cards in Australia. There are 0% introductory rates on the first 6 cycles of billing on balance transfers. The cards function on a reward points system, where spending on the cards gets you points that are basically cashing in your wallet. Annual fee of two out of three of these cards is $0.
  4. Uni Bank: The application and the annual fee of the uni bank credit card is $0. This is a great attracting point for customers. It helps build clients for the bank, as the application fee is $0. People feel that they can just get a credit card for rainy days. Whether they use it or not is up to them. The introductory rate is as low as 7.9%, which is again very attractive for the clients.
  5. First Option Bank: This bank also offers a reward-based credit card with the best value. It has a low variable rate and no annual fees. The more the customers spend, the more cashback they get. There is no cap on the cashback. The rates are low and you have two options to choose from, with varying credit limits and benefits.

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